Grade Five

Term 3

Grade 5 Information




Grade 5 Teacher

Sharleen Kuemmeth

Integration Aide: Alysha Groenendaal

Bounce Back

Bounce Back is a wellbeing and resilience class-based program. This term students will be learning about respect, changes, puberty, mood and feelings.

Students will also participate in a peer support program. This is a peer led program that empowers young people to support each other and contribute positively to society. Some of our grade 5 students will be Peer Support Leaders.


All grade 5s attend three specialist lessons per week. These are; Science, Physical Education and Performing Arts.

Physical Education and Science are on Wednesday. Performing Arts is on Thursday.


In reading groups, students are focusing on reading comprehension skills such as; summarising, predicting, understanding sequence and identifying the author’s purpose.

In writing groups, students are focusing on a range of VCOP skills such as punctuation and WOW words. They are also working on persuasive pieces of writing and understanding how to write a strong persuasive argument.

Literacy homework: Read a book every night and practice spelling words every week.

Oral Language

Aldercourt Primary School employs a speech therapist. She works with each grade once a week.

Students have been looking at a range of comprehension skills in lots of interactive and engaging ways.

This term we are playing a Monopoly style game whilst learning how to extend our sentences by including important details.


Fortnightly on Tuesdays, the grade 5 students attend a Science lesson run at Monterey Secondary College.

Integrated Studies

The topic this term is Tradition Tales. The grade 5s are looking at Fractured Fairy tales and are creating some Fractured Fairytales of their own based on a Traditional Fairytale of their choice.

They will also explore a range of stories from all the different continents. We will be doing this with the grade 6s.


Students visit the library fortnightly on Tuesdays where they can borrow and return books.


Students will be exploring fractions, decimals, percentages, 2D and 3D shapes and angles, as well as developing a deeper understanding on division.

This term, students will be participating in a mathematics program called ‘Point of Need’ where we work in groups with the grade 6s and focus on specific skills. This term our focus is on division and fractions.

Mathematics Homework: Each week students will get homework related to what they have learnt for the week. They have an outline in their homework book.

Map Your World

The grade 5s are lucky enough to be chosen to participate in a new program called Map Your World. We have a visitor every Thursday afternoon from ‘Family Life’. In this program, the students are encouraged to be change agents within the school and community. It empowers them to positively impact people in the community as they become leaders of change.

Interschool Sport

This term the grade 5s are participating in Interschool Sports. The sports included are Football, Netball and Tee-Ball. During our home games Aldercourt Primary School will need to bring in a chopped up orange to share during half time.

Week 1: Home game against St Anne’s Primary School

Week 2: Home game against Mahogany Rise Primary School

Week 3: Home game against Kananook Primary School

Week 4: Away game at Seaford Park Primary School — no netball

Week 5: Away game at Belvedere Park Primary School

Week 6: Lightening Premiership at Kananook Primary School


Fortnightly the grade 5s participate in guitar lessons. They have the opportunity to learn the different strings and some songs.