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Welcome to Aldercourt

Learning for a Brighter Future


A message from the principal

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you and your family to Aldercourt Primary School. I believe you will find our community to be an open and friendly one, with a sincere desire for parents to take an active part in their children’s schooling. Please browse through this website as a starting point in the journey for the selection of a primary school that will best meet your child’s needs. The next step should include an appointment to have a school tour. This, I believe, is an important part of the school selection process. The school atmosphere needs to match your expectations for your son or daughter’s primary schooling. It is most important that children are happy and engaged during their seven years at primary school.

At Aldercourt we aim to provide our students with educational opportunities that will enable them to reach their full potential and achieve success academically, socially and personally. Our curriculum is inclusive and developmental. Students are challenged to extend their skills and knowledge in a caring and supportive environment.

The staff of Aldercourt Primary School are an enthusiastic and experienced team of people who are committed to excellence and to making a positive difference to student outcomes.

We want our students to feel safe and happy. We want them to enjoy learning and achieve highly. We want them to be confident in tackling challenges but are caring of others along the way. We want them to develop positive social skills, healthy relationship values and a strong sense of themselves as individuals.

Aldercourt Primary School is a friendly, dynamic community. There are many opportunities for parental involvement. I hope that through your participation and interest you will come to feel very much a part of our school and its community.

As the proud Principal of Aldercourt Primary School my door is always open to discuss any details of children’s education and wellbeing. Please take this as a personal invitation to join us in the pursuit of excellence for your children.

We look forward to meeting you soon.

Kathie Arnold




What We're Learning


English is a priority at Aldercourt Primary School where all classes in the school are participating in English lessons for the first two sessions every morning. Each class has two adults during these lessons to support students in small focus groups.

The English program is embedded in all learning and everyday experiences and involves development in the areas of: reading and viewing, speaking & listening, writing, including spelling and handwriting and Reading. We equip students with the skills to communicate and learn effectively in a variety of ways.

A myriad of assessment strategies are implemented throughout the year and from this information, teachers collaboratively plan and implement appropriate programs and activities to cater for the varying abilities of their students.

Extra assistance in written and spoken English is provided through our literacy support program, including: student individual education plans, language support program, and Ardoch volunteers in the classroom program.



Students develop mathematical skills and understandings, which are essential to everyday living. The Mathematics curriculum includes the areas of: number and algebra, measurement and geometry and statistics & probability.

Students are assessed using a variety of assessment strategies throughout the year. From this information, teachers collaboratively plan and implement appropriate programs and activities to cater for the varying abilities of their students.

Students below or above the expected level in number may be involved with a individual education plan.




Students use ICT to access, process, manage and present information, model and control events, construct new understandings, communicate and collaborate with others.

All students have access to desktop and laptop computers in their classrooms, which are networked to the school’s file server. In addition, our classroom teachers present skill based ICT lessons to complement class global inquiry work.

Each classroom also has an interactive whiteboard, a data projector, laptops, desktops and access to digital flip cameras. This brilliant learning technology enables students to focus on what they want and need to learn as part of their investigation into the topics being studied. It is used as an integral part of daily lessons for all students in the classroom.

This amazing technology enhances the development of student creativity and promotes the broadening of their problem solving and communication skills, as they explore concepts and share ideas.

The interactive whiteboard brings the world into each classroom, it really brings learning to life and captures the students’ imagination and enthusiasm in all aspects of the curriculum.

To maintain student safety and wellbeing, students can only access DEECD cached websites.




Aldercourt Primary School provides physical education to all students from prep to grade six. Students are given an opportunity to not only develop physical skills, but team work, leadership ability and a sense of belonging.  The development of fundamental motor skills act as the frame work behind what is a carefully considered and delivered specialist program.

As students progress toward senior school, they are introduced to a number of new and exciting opportunities, including district level representation in athletics, cross country and school swimming. As well as this, all students at a senior level are provided with the exciting opportunity to compete in inter-school sport against the surrounding schools within the region.


The Junior School have been learning about the life cycle of plants through inquiry learning activities. A variety of seeds were investigated using the senses. Sprouted seeds were checked to determine optimin growing conditions whilst the seedlings were measured on a weekly basis and results recorded using diagrams, tables and simple reports.

Our Facilities

Equipping Students with the Very Best

Aldercourt Primary School continues to improve the facilities at the school. These facilities directly improve the educational outcomes of the students and guide their academic and emotional growth as well as supporting the development of social skills.

Early Learning Centre

Our Early Learning Centre contains flexible learning areas for student from Prep to Year 2. It features its own entrance with easy access to toilets within the Centre, Library, Speech Therapist, and Chaplain and fully functioning kitchen.

Visual Arts Room

Our dedicated Visual Arts room was refurbished over the 2014/15 Christmas School holidays. We offer students a stimulating visual arts program which encourages creative and imaginative ways of thinking. Students have the opportunity to express their knowledge, ideas and feelings in an individual and expressive way. Specialist Art teacher engages all students in the program where students experience a range of visual arts activities including painting, printmaking, collage, textiles, sculpture and ceramics (just to name a few).

Science Facility

Aldercourt is fortunate to be able to offer Science as a specialist class. The Science room embraces ICT through the use of computer microscopes, interactive whiteboards and netbooks in a spacious facility where students are encouraged to explore through hands on experiences.

Gymnasium/Outdoor Grounds

At Aldercourt our gymnasium is extensively used during sporting sessions. Other outdoor facilities include a football oval and soccer pitch, basketball and netball court, covered hard courts and three playgrounds.

Friendship Garden

Our Friendship Garden contains vegetable garden beds where students grow a variety of fruit and vegetables. A large sandpit is within the boundaries of the Friendship Garden including a covered outdoor learning space.


Our Teachers







Every Friday morning we welcome community members to our playgroup at the school held in community/meeting rooms. Preschool aged children play and learn in a supportive and fun environment which prepares them for the schooling and allows parents to come together and meet others in the community.

Attending playgroup at Aldercourt Primary School you get to meet other people going through similar experiences, ease the isolation that can come with caring for young children and find out about local community, health and support services.

Playgroup-aged children are going through a stage of rapid brain and skill development that we can cater for. Babies are offered play experiences to stimulate their senses. Toddlers build on these play experiences to practise using their hands and their emerging language skills. Preschool children continue to learn as they play and practise social skills, an important preparation for kindergarten and school.

At Aldercourt our playgroup tries to include as much variety as possible in every session, so each week is different.

At playgroup our children can:

* make new friends

* have new experiences

* gain self confidence

* develop physically, socially, emotionally and intellectually

* develop their skills of cooperation

* develop verbal and nonverbal communication skills through contact with other children and adults

* extend their experience of literacy in a social environment.


Learning at Aldercourt PS is supported through activities outside of the classroom. We encourage all children to make the most of their time at school and to become actively involved in their community. To foster this, we encourage participation in activities that occur outside of the classroom. This is what we mean by ‘extracurricular activities’.


Sporting Schools is an initiative to help strengthen the connection between schools and sport so that all Australian children can get active and experience the joy of sport. Presented after school, students participate in a variety of sports and learn the fundamentals of being a part of a team.


Students from Year 3 participate in an offsite camping program. In 2015, our Years 3 & 4 students are attending camp at The Briars in Mount Martha. For many students this the first time that they are spending time away from their parents/carers and it is a wonderful opportunity to really engage with the world around them and learn more about working with others and challenging themselves.


Excursions are an important part of Aldercourt Primary School. They provide a great source of knowledge and allow students to gain first hand information. Excursions also encourage students to become interested in the world around them and helps to foster the development of observation, exploration and creativity. We endeavour to provide excursions that link with our curriculum and enrich learning overall.


Aldercourt Primary School participates in Interschool Sport primarily for enjoyment, socialisation skills, sporting etiquette and for the students to learn a skill or sport which they might continue with when they are older.

The object is to participate in a “sportsman/person-like” manner, irrespective of the result. Winning is worth striving for, but is not the ultimate aim. Children are encouraged to play a variety of sports throughout the year to develop their skills and all teams are of equal significance in representing the school.


In Prep we run a valuable program called PMP – the Perceptual Motor Program. This program aims to develop children’s balance, fitness, hand-eye co-ordination, motor skills and understanding of concepts (e.g. on, in, through, under).

It involves activities such as rolling, crawling, bouncing, throwing, eye-tracking and obstacle courses.


At Aldercourt Primary School, we have a variety of activities on offer for children at lunch time. These activities are aimed at meeting the diverse interests and ages of our students. Lunch time activities offer children the opportunity to develop relationships with children from within their grade level and/or other levels within the school. They also enable children to get to know members of staff who they may not have had opportunities to work with before. Activities such as gardening club, crafts, homework club (after school), Maori cultural dancing, treasure hunt and yoga/meditation are all offered throughout the year (weather permitting).


Ardoch Youth Foundation will establish a new LEGO robotics program at Aldercourt Primary School to inspire and engage primary school students in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics learning.

This is a new robotics program to ignite passion for technology in our students to enter a school Boys’ Team and Girls’ Team to compete in the 2016 FIRST LEGO League tournament at Swinburne University.


Our Year 6 students participate in Community activities as part of our Rotary program each year. Students participate in a number of activities that encourages them to become involved in their local community; expanding their knowledge and skills.

There are a number of criteria that the students need to achieve in order to receive their Rotary award. Whilst these experiences are hands on, there is also a literacy component where students write about their experiences and what they have learnt from them.

* Multicultural Experience – Our students will participate in a hāngi. A hāngi is a traditional Māori style of cooking which is still commonly practiced throughout New Zealand today. It is a process where steam is used as a medium of cooking the food while it is beneath the ground. Interestingly, this style of cooking can be found all around the Pacific with slight variations

* Religious Experience – The Shiva Vishnu Temple in Carrum Downs was built as a traditional Hindu temple in which Pujas and rituals are conducted similar to that of temples in India

* Art Experience – Our students participated in ‘Zapt’, a Performing Arts production performed at Elizabeth Murdoch Arts Theatre.

* Bike Education – Students love that bike education is a practical course where they get out on the bikes and ride through simulated traffic situations, usually set out with witches hats on the basketball court. Here they can learn and practise bike handling skills, the road rules and how to respond to various traffic situations. The lessons culminate with everyone heading out on the road for a ride as a group.

* Community Service –

Our students visit the Forest Lodge, a local aged care facility. Students entertain the residents of the facility.


A shipping container within the boundaries of the school yard filled with sporting equipment for students during lunch every day. The play pod is supervised by our Junior School Leaders.


The oral language program at Aldercourt Primary School is overseen by Dora Chan who is a speech pathologist. The oral language program is aimed to provide teachers with the skills and knowledge required for teaching explicit learning strategies in the area of oral language (e.g. expressive language, receptive language and phonological awareness).

 Oral language classes run once a week for 50 minutes targeting specific goals related to their classroom learning. Students are given opportunities to practice in small groups facilitated by a teacher, aide or volunteer.

 Teachers are given the opportunity to run oral language classes and expected to generalize these valuable skills into every classroom session. All students are screened in Term 1 and 4 to determine strengths and weaknesses to develop their oral language skills.