Grade One

Term 3

Grade 1 Information




Grade 1 Teachers:

Elisha Yakub & Stephanie Hall

Bounce Back

Grade 1s have been participating in weekly Bounce Back sessions where they learn a range of skills or strategies that help them become resilient and persistent leaners. The program promotes positive mental health and emotional wellbeing so students can succeed. Some of the focus this year has been on making friends and the importance of friendship and bravery.


Students attend three specialist lessons per week. These are; Physical Education, Science and Performing Arts.

Performing Arts is on Wednesday. Science and Physical Education are on Thursday.


This term students will continue learning a range of strategies to support reading and comprehension. These include using their own prior knowledge to construct meaning, making text-to-self connections, and using their knowledge of letter-sound relationships to decode increasingly complex words.

Students will be introduced to writing information reports as well as reviewing recount, procedural and narrative text types.

Students are also engaged in a Multi-Sensory Structured Language approach to support reading and spelling.

Oral Language

Aldercourt Primary School employs a speech therapist. She works with each grade once a week.

Students have focused on narrative structure and both regular and irregular past tense verbs.

This term they will focus on active listening, following instructions and memory strategies. Consonant blends will also form a significant component of this term’s Oral Language program.


We are lucky to have a volunteer from Monash University help to teach the students Japanese once a week.


Students visit the library once a week on Friday. They are able to borrow a book to take home.


Students have been participating in regular numeracy lessons that cover a range of topics such as place value, addition, measurement and interpreting graphs. The lessons include focus groups so that a range of learning styles can be accommodated.

Mathletics is an online program that students use to further develop their knowledge and apply skills that they have already learnt in class. It provides teachers with another form of data that can be used to help inform their teaching so students can meet their academic goals.

Grade 1s have been participating in Point of Need Mathematics which targets key skills that students need to develop.

Esmart & Digital Technologies

Esmart is a framework that helps address issues of cyber bullying and cyber safety. This term, students will continue learning how to navigate the online world safely, including selecting appropriate websites and steps to take if they encounter cyber bullying.

As part of the Digital Technologies curriculum, students will be introduced to coding. This will require them to follow and design sequences of steps and instructions to solve provided problems. To learn more about coding visit the website.


This term’s topic is ‘Traditional Tales’. Students will explore fables, fairy tales, and Indigenous Australian Dreamtime stories.

Students will be engaged in a range of literacy-based, visual art, dramatic and design activities to enhance their understanding and appreciation of this topic.