Enrolling your child into a school is an important decision for all parents and carers. Whether it is for the first year of school or transitioning across from another school, we endeavour to make the process a simple one for your child and your family.

We offer a range of evidence-based programs that extend our students’ academic and social understandings. Our dedicated staff work closely with students, staff, parents and the community to provide students a variety of programs that are catered to each individual’s needs. The success of programs across the school has seen a large increase in performance data and positivity from our students and parents. Some of the programs include:

• Multi-structured Sensory Learning (MSL) and CARS and STARS which focus on explicit and direct instruction of reading comprehension strategies.

• VCOP (Vocabulary, Openers, Connective and Punctuation) for effective writing and editing strategies and enabling students to take ownership of their learning when writing texts across various genres.

• A whole school Oral Language focus.

• Point Of Need Mathematics, where students are grouped accordingly after pre testing and focussed sessions are conducted to aid students acquire the skills they require, Mathletics and hands on learning techniques to consolidate Mathematical skills.

• Support intervention and extension for students in Literacy and Mathematics. We have dedicated teachers who provide individualised learning opportunities for students to address areas of need. They support and challenge to achieve optimal results.

• Inquiry topics that use resources such as ipads, laptops, 3D printers, hands on learning opportunities and curriculum based excursions, camps and school visits to develop student learning.

• Bounce Back our welfare program enabling students techniques and responsibility to have the skills to deal with various social and personal situations.

• Peer Support enabling our senior student leaders to guide their peers across the school to deal with a range of circumstances.

• Rewards System providing rewards to students who participate and behave appropriately at school.

• Contracts for specific students to ensure a safe and happy learning environment.

Student Enrolment Form 2018

Enrolment Permission Form 2018


Frequently Asked Questions?


How does the school perform academically?

Australia wide NAPLAN Tests (Levels 3 & 5) indicate growth in our data. Our students in Year 3 have significantly grown more than the state and area average. See below.


  Aldercourt PS State Region
Grammar & Punctuation 5.45% 0.72% 0.4%
Numeracy 1.6% 1.07% 0.96%
Reading 5.76% -0.55% -0.41%
Spelling 12.5% 1.97% 1.89%
Writing 14.87% 0.93% 0.86%

In the junior grades our students have performed well in the English Online Interview. Our 2017 results show significant growth for a majority of our students from Prep to Year 2. For students that are consolidating their skills, we provide extra assistance via our Literacy and Numeracy support programs.


How does the school address wellbeing and student safety?

We provide students and families a range of support services to allow our students to participate and enjoy the activities we have on offer. Beyond the classroom our students have support with Breakfast Clubs, community based programs (such as Try A Trade), Bicycle Education, Second Bite and numerous lunchtime clubs run by teachers and students.

We have an extensive Bounce Back program as well as a Behavioural Ladder System to promote and reward positive behaviours. This system is implemented across the whole school with all students taking ownership for their behaviour (whether it be a positive or a negative) by moving themselves up or down the ladder. Each day students start in the neutral position and can accumulate enough points with appropriate behaviour to join the rewards room on a Friday afternoon in recognition for exemplary behaviour.
Our student leaders role model expected behaviours to students across the school. The are heavily involved in our Student Representative Council (SRC) where representatives across each year level provide thoughts and feelings about our school and ways it can improve further. Our Peer Support program further enables these leaders to ensure a safe and caring learning environment.

All of our classrooms have an integration aide to assist with learning. Our students are aware of the skills required to ensure learning can occur for all individuals. Our Welfare Officer and chaplains assist students who require specific needs to ensure the consistency of having ‘Behaviour for Learning’.

Our school has a comprehensive Child Safe Policy for further information please locate this document in the policies section of our website.


What about the development of social skills?

The school has four key values that underpin all of our programs (CARE):


Each term the students are mixed between Prep to Year 2 and from Year 3 to Year 6 in our Community and Life Skills program (CALS). Here students work together to achieve a result via different subject areas. Some CALS activities have been:

• MasterChef (cooking: preparation, ordering ingredients, reading recipes, cooking and eating)

• Sewing

• 3D model making and computer coding to print something in 3D.

• Local community (understanding programs on offer including working with Monterey Collage and local community groups).

• Gardening


Enrolling at Aldercourt Primary School

There are 3 steps involved:

1. Complete the confidential Student Enrolment Form (see link).

2. Present a Birth Certificate.

3. Present an Immunisation Certificate.