Grade Six

Term 3

Grade 6 Information




Grade 6 Teacher

Kirren Whaiapu

Peer Leaders

This term Year 6 students will be trained as Peer Leaders and will then work with small groups of students from Prep – Year 5. Peer Support will be timetabled for one 30 minute session once a week in the classrooms throughout the school.

In these sessions, the younger students will be involved in interactive learning experiences which are led by their Peer Leaders.

This is a program that allows young people to support the wellbeing of each other.


Students attend three specialist lessons per week. These are; Art, Physical Education and Performing Arts.

Art and Physical Education are on Wednesday. Performing Arts is on Thursday.


Students have been working on building their comprehension skills to ensure they understand what they are reading. This term they will learn how to skim and scan texts to help locate information quickly in a story.

During our Big Write sessions, students have been using graphic organisers to organise their ideas before writing their stories. Students will continue to use these throughout this term.

Students have been using microphones in the classroom to support oral language development, listening skills and fluency. This term our focus is to engage others when speaking through using visual cues.

Oral Language

Aldercourt Primary School employs a speech therapist who works with each grade once a week.

During these sessions students have been working on Active Listening and Building Vocabulary.

This term students will follow verbal instructions to further develop their listening skills through concentrating and taking in what someone else is saying.

Unit of Work

The topic this term is Traditional Tales (What’s the message?).

As part of this unit students will read about Myths & Legends from around the World and complete a passport to record information about the stories they have read.

Interschool Sport

Every Friday from July 28th to August 25th, students will be playing one of the following sports against local schools. Tee ball, Footy or Netball.

Through participation students will learn about respecting teammates, opponents and coaches.

Students are learning that the real winners in sports are those who know how to persevere whether they win or lose a game.


Students have been learning to use Mathematics confidently and build on what they already know. At the beginning of every Mathematics lesson, students complete a Mental Maths sheet to develop mental calculation, reinforce problem solving, and practise vocabulary used in Mathematics.

This term students will be working on setting goals and assessing themselves as they work towards achieving them.

As part of our Mathematics, students have been placed into Point of Need groups.

Point of need allows the classroom teacher to identify the learning needs of individual students, including high achieving students.

Students are monitored in small groups and classroom activities are tailored to their needs.


Students have been busy completing their Biographical Poems that describes who they are as an individuals. Students used many of the features in Microsoft Word to complete this task.

Students have completed their Resume which will be printed and placed in a clear file.

During Mathematics students use Mathletics which is an online learning resource.

ICT will play a big role in our Unit of Work this term as students will be required to search online resources to find a variety of Myths.