Grade Four

Term 3

Grade 4 Information




Grade 4 Teacher

Elizabeth Rout

Integration Aides: Beth Ogden & Jane Stewart

Bounce Back

Bounce Back is a wellbeing and resilience class-based program. This term students will be learning about respect, emotions, dealing with our feelings and honesty.

Students will also participate in a peer support program. This is a peer led program that empowers young people to support each other and contribute positively to society. Some of our grade 4 students may become Peer Support Leaders.


All grade 4s attend three specialist lessons per week. These are; Science, Physical Education and Performing Arts.

Physical Education and Science are on Wednesday after recess. Performing Arts is on Thursday after lunch.


In reading groups, students are focusing on reading comprehension skills such as; understanding figurative language, making predictions, understanding sequence and identifying the author’s purpose.

In writing groups, students are focusing on a range of VCOP skills (Vocabulary, Connectives, Openers and Punctuation). They are also working on narratives, focusing upon developing characters, setting, plot and resolution.

Literacy homework: Read a book every night and practice spelling words every week.

Literacy homework: Read a book every night and practice spelling words every week.

Oral Language

Aldercourt Primary School employs Dora Chan, a speech therapist. She works with Grade 4 every Tuesday after lunch.

Students have been looking at a range of oral language skills in lots of interactive and engaging ways. This melds well with the school’s VCOP program (see literacy) which is based upon oral language skills.

This term we are discussing and writing scripts for short movies. Students are developing characters, plot, setting, costumes and props and will be rehearsing and filming later in the term.

3/4 Rotations

The grade 3 and 4 classes are participating in curriculum rotations, every Thursday at 2.40pm.

Miss Brickell - Aboriginal Studies/History

Miss Rout - Digital Technologies and touch typing

Mrs Waldron/Mr Mitchell - Gardening and Healthy Eating

Students will rotate once every three weeks, offering a wonderful opportunity to get to know other teachers and visit their classrooms.


Students visit the library fortnightly on Tuesdays where they can borrow and return books.


Students will be exploring the maths’ processes, in particular multiplication and division. Students will work in small groups and will focus upon understanding the multiplication and division algorithms, setting their work out vertically and showing their working out. All students will be assessed on their 2-10 times tables during this time and encouraged to practice these so that their responses become automatic, quick and accurate.

Mathematics Homework: Each week students will be required to practice some quick maths’ skills in their homework books and use Mathletics.


This term the grade 4s will be attending Camp at The Briars Outdoor Education Camp in Mt Martha.
Activities may include hut building, the giant swing, ropes and initiative courses, bush walking and others.
Camp dates: 6-8 September, so clear your diaries!

Integrated Studies

The topic this term is Tradition Tales. The grade 4s are looking at Urban Legends: how the are different to stories and myths and where they come from. Students will be examining some of history’s mysteries such as the Bermuda Triangle and examining legends from around the world, comparing them to the truths where they originate.


Fortnightly the grade 4s participate in guitar lessons. They have the opportunity to learn the different chords and some songs.

Swimming Program

Students from Years Prep to 4 will participate in the swimming program from 21st-25th August at PARC.