Grade Two

Term 3

Grade 2 Information




Grade 2 Teachers

Kayla Brown (Mon-Thurs)

Jean Lakeland (Fri)

Integration Aide: Meg Feutrill)

Bounce Back

Bounce Back is a wellbeing and resilience class-based program. This term students will be learning about friendship, loyalty, agreeing and disagreeing, and bullying. Students will also participate in a peer support program this term, encouraging students to support each other and contribute positively to society.


Aldercourt Primary School runs a fantastic program called Community and Life Skills (CALS). Each week, Grade 2 students are split into groups with Preps and Grade 1’s, and have the opportunity to participate a range of activities, developing a variety of skills. This semester, they will have the opportunity to develop their critical thinking through debating with Miss Hall, and safety and first aid sessions with Mrs. Brown. They will also develop their inter-cultural understanding with Miss Haddow, through cultural studies, and the concepts of right and wrong through Ethical studies with Miss Abbott.


So far this year, our grade has enjoyed exploring information and persuasive texts. This term, with our whole-school topic being ‘Traditional Tales’, the grade 2 students will be developing a deeper understanding on how we use language during reading, writing and speaking to effectively portray characters and settings within narratives.

Students will also continue to develop their reading skills through regular reading group activities including shared reading, small group work with Mrs. Brown, the online program ’Teach Your Monsters to Read’ and CARS and STARS. Grade 2 also participate in a fun weekly ‘Kahoot’ challenge, in which, students read or view a text and work with a partner to respond to questions on the class laptops.

Our key spelling focus for the term is on long vowel sounds, for example, ‘ow’ and ‘oa’. We use the program ‘Multi-Sensory Structured Language’ (MSL) in grade 2 to help us rein-force any new reading and spelling concepts.

Oral Language

Aldercourt Primary School employs a speech therapist, Dora, who works with each grade once a week.

This term Dora and her student speech therapists will be using our traditional tales topic to support the students under-standings of sentence structure, adjectives and sequencing in regards to their oral language.


This term, Grade 2 will join the Junior School in learning Japanese once a week. We are lucky to have a volunteer from Monash University help to teach the students Japanese each week.


Students visit the library every Wednesday. They are able to borrow a book to take home, but need to ensure they return them in order to borrow another one.


This term, in mathematics, students will be exploring a range of concepts including 2D and 3D shapes, mapping, transformations, addition strategies, the introduction to multiplication and continuing to develop their division skills. Students will also be working independently through a variety of activities each week to work towards achieving their own unique number goals. We regularly participate in mental math challenges, aiming to beat our individual best scores and use the program ‘Mathletics’ to sup-port our learning each week.

Students enjoy a variety of hands on approaches to math, as well as fun games, online programs, small group and individual support and other engaging strategies towards

Esmart & Digital Technologies

Esmart is a framework that helps address issues of cyber bullying and cyber safety. This term students will continue learning about computer security and being safe online. Implementing the knowledge they learn whilst using the interactive site ‘Edmodo’.

The Digital Technologies curriculum enables students to become confident and creative developers of digital solutions through the application of information systems and specific ways of thinking about problem solving. This term students will learn about different types of technology, functions available on computers and code programing.


Grade 2 Students receive new homework each Thursday (due the following Thursday). The home-work is always a reflection on concepts they are learning in the classroom (never anything new) and a great way to start conversations with family and friends about the different topics we are studying. Students are also expected to complete nightly reading, which can be logged in their reading journals.


This term, Grade 2 will participate in Per-forming Arts, Physical Education (PE) and Science. In performing arts they will be preparing for their upcoming production of ‘Wizard of Oz’. This Term, Science and Performing Arts are on a Thursday, and PE on a Fridays.