Meeting AMES by The Bloggers.

On Thursday 19th of November, we went to AMES to seek information about refugees, migrants and asylum seekers.

AMES is an organisation that helps refugees, migrants and asylum seekers settle in Australia and get acquainted with our culture.

AMES helps with education like learning English as well as job skills and abilities. Furthermore, they help with the new life style in Australia like how to make a doctors appointment, use an ATM, use the lights to cross the road and using public transport.

Whilst we where there we interviewed Lorrie Nowell, Gladys Torres and two other members with really interesting stories to tell about their journey in Australia.

Barat Ali Batoor told us about his lifestyle coming on a boat from Afghanistan to Australia,he has won many awards for telling people about his inspiring story on travelling on a boat and how difficult the change was for him.

Sakina Zahir explained that she was a student at AMES and after working hard, she was offered a job because of her knowledge and skills.

We saw what work the students had put up while they were being taught about Australia. Also we saw their I.C.T room and what they do to learn English on the computers.

It was amazing to witness these people as they built new lives and hearing about the incredible contribution these individuals make to Australian society every day.

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